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Welcome to our private guest area, aimed at providing you with all the necessary information to make your stay perfect.  Scroll down or use the menu to find directions, parking, recommendations and much more...



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Address is: 

26a Heriot Row,

Edinburgh EH3 6EN



07 - Upstairs Double 1.jpg
Downstairs Bed Setup



We have included plenty recommendations in the preceding sections, however here is a dedicated page to helping you arrive into Edinburgh… and feel at home as quickly as possible. Please note that all below is not simply plucked out of a guidebook… we have personal experience (on multiple occasions)…so as much as possible – they are tried and tested (with one wee caveat that things do change sometimes )

What is provided?

Our approach is simple… we try to provide as much as possible. So with that in mind… Linen, Towels, Toilet Paper, Washing up Liquid, Pantry with Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Spices is all provided. There is also a hair dryer in each room, Washer & Dryer, Ironing Board etc.

You should plan as if you are going to stay in a hotel. However there is one exception. Whilst we provide hand soap, we don’t provide shampoo, conditioner or bathing gel. We used to, however we found that too often we were throwing away bottles with little use. In the apartment you also have Internet which is fibre speed and you are welcome to max out! However warning… some rooms the signal is weak due to the walls which are 6 feet think (2 meters). There is also a fixed line phone line that you are welcome to use for local calls.

Getting Around

Getting around the city is very easy… you have several options:

  • Walk… it is a great walking city

  • Uber… as with most cities around the world, Uber is used widely

  • Taxi… below are the two biggest firms in the city:

  • Central Taxis: +44 131 229 2468

  • City Cabs: +44 131 228 1211


There are two city supermarkets very close by to the apartment.


For other local grocery shopping… here are our favourites:

  • IJ Mellis Cheesemongers: 6 Bakers Pl, EH3 6SY | 0.3 miles | 6 min walk - Click here for Map

  • George Bower Butchers: 75 Raeburn Pl, EH4 1JG | 0.6 miles | 11 min walk - Click here for Map

  • Armstrong (Fishmonger): 80 Raeburn Pl, EH4 1HH | 0.6 miles | 11 min walk - Click here for Map

  • Waitrose (Supermarket): 38 Comely Bank Rd, EH4 1AW | 1.0 miles | 20 min walk - Click here for Map

  • Bon Vivant’s Companion (Wine): 51 Thistle St, EH2 1DY | 0.2 miles | 5 min walk - Click here for Map


All of the shops above, except (Bon Vivant’s Companion (Wine)) are in the same direction, Stockbridge, which is a wonderful area to explore. In fact, I would recommend going to IJ Mellis just to explore…it is wonderful!!

Getting Groceries Delivered: You are more than welcome to arrange delivery. If you wish it to be delivered before your stay, please let us know and we can arrange.

Special Occassion and would like to arrange a Cake? - No problem.   Liggy's Cake Company.  It is located in Stockbridge and around a 10 min walk from the apartment.  Click for Map | Click for Website


Ok…so you have arrived early into Edinburgh and looking for somewhere to have breakfast…

Leo’s Beanery:

  • 23A Howe St, Edinburgh EH3 6TF | 0.1 miles | 2 min walk

  • Details: Opens @ 8am. Small family run artisanal coffee shop with good breakfast and some outdoor seating.

  • Click for Map | Click for Website

Rabble Taphouse & Grill:


  • 19-21 George Street, EH2 2PB | 0.4 miles | 8 min walk

  • Details: One of the key hotels in Edinburgh, in the city centre. Will be a good, but expensive breakfast.

  • Click for Map | Click for Website

Lunch / Dinner

Ok… so you have arrived … you are tired, and you would like a nice place for a meal, which is near to the apartment… something nice and easy:


The Queens Arms:

The Wee Restaurant:

  • 61 Frederick St, EH2 1LH | 0.1 mile | 3 min walk

  • Details: Simple good food and wine is its tag line and it delivers.

  • Click for Map | Click for Website

Scotch Malt Whisky Society:

  • 28 Queen St, EH2 1JX | 0.2 miles | 4 min walk

  • Details: A great place for lunch (or dinner). Smart restaurant with great food. Also there are some special Whisky available to try!

  • Click for Map | Click for Website





  • 131-133 George St, EH2 4JS | 0.4 miles | 9 min walk

  • Details: Classic all-day British brasseries & bar. This is an ideal place if you are looking for traditional food, good.  This is easy, but nothing hugely special.

  • Click for Map | Click of Website


Ok…so you have arrived… not looking for food… the Lobster on the plane has filled you up… looking for a location for a wee drink, close to the apartment.

Kays Bar:

  • 39 Jamaica St, EH3 6HF | 0.1 miles | 2 min walk there & 10 min back

  • Details: Very small pub. Traditional. Not a tourist in sight...

  • Click for Map | Click for Website


The Queens Arms:

Panda & Sons:

Scotch Malt Whisky Society:

Six Degrees North:

Fast Sight Seeing

Ok… so you have arrived… you have been stuck in a plane for hours and you would like to stretch your legs.. and see some sites. There is only one answer to this…. Take a walk up to Princess Street… admire the Castle and walk along Princess Street Gardens towards the Galleries on the Mount and then up to the Royal Mile. I guarantee you that you will find plenty to explore, within 5 mins walk of the apartment.



Edinburgh has a great many attractions, most of which you will probably be familiar with, such as the Castle. However, we thought we would offer a few of my personal favourites as a local resident of what do to and see….. and eat!


When it comes to restaurants, there are lots in Edinburgh and this recommendation page could go on for a while. What we have done is simply recommend the restaurants that we love and frequent – nothing more nothing less. There are plenty more out there… Edinburgh has really some great restaurants.

Sitdown Food

Café St Honore (££)
34 NW Thistle Street Lane
Edinburgh EH2 1EA
T: +
0.2 miles | 5 min walk

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